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Bridgeway Prime Shop Fund Management Limited (“Bridgeway”) is the first SFC-licensed asset management company in Hong Kong that focuses on giving investors a new way of investment, by providing access to prime shop investments with a secondary platform, and by engaging in crowdfunding for P2P Lending* through its collaboration with MoneySQ.

Our scope covers a broad range of real estate and loan investment projects in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other major cities around the world. Bridgeway is licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”) to provide services in asset management, advisory and dealing in securities.

We are committed to providing our customers with different types of themed properties and loan funds, assisting them to invest in high-quality property and loan projects. Bridgeway’s services are offered solely to Professional Investors (as defined by the SFC), which generally refer to individuals or corporations having a portfolio of not less than HK$8 million or corporations having total assets of not less than HK$40 million. We look forward to sharing successes with our investors, partners, and collaborators through new way of investing.

* This is a modified, indirect P2P model. P2P lending may adopt a direct lending model, where investors lend directly to borrowers, or an indirect lending model, where intermediaries raise funds from investors and lend money to borrowers.