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Investing in properties and loans can be both capital intensive and knowledge-intensive. As a pioneer, being the first SFC licensed asset management firm that focuses on providing new ways of investment, Bridgeway offers its clients access to a new asset class (i.e., prime shops, P2P* loans).
These opportunities include diversifying investments, expanding on professional knowledge and technical know-how in order to minimize investment risks, maximizing potential returns through Bridgeway’s broad network of partners and collaborators, and;
providing liquidity through secondary trading.


  1. We are the first SFC-licensed firm that focuses on giving investors a new way to invest,by providing access to prime shop investments with a secondary platform, and by engaging in crowdfunding for P2P Lending* through its collaboration with MoneySQ.
  2. * This is a modified, indirect P2P model. P2P lending may adopt a direct lending model, where investors lend directly to borrowers, or an indirect lending model, where intermediaries raise funds from investors and lend money to borrowers


  1. There is generally a higher threshold for entry into prime street shop and loan investments as such investments are generally capital and knowledge intensive.
  2. Bridgeway gives investors access to quality property and loan investment opportunities by offering a low entry point.

Professional Knowledge

  1. Bridgeway’s management team possesses extensive technical knowledge and vast business networks. Technical know-how, deal-sourcing and the vast experience of the management team can help minimize downside risks and maximize upside potential.


  1. The value of properties may be affected by a wide range of factors including location, redevelopment probability, tenant mix, legal and regulatory environment, government policy, macro/ market factors, etc. Instead of putting substantial amount of capital into one or a few properties, investors can diversify their investments through investing in Bridgeway’s fund products.
  2. Loan investment can be impacted by interest rate movements, and borrower’s risk of default. Given Bridgeway’s expertise to assess borrower’s financial situation, and structuring solution to minimize clients’ exposure to borrowers’ potential default risk, loans can be a good alternative investment with stable, recurrent return.

Extensive Network

  1. Over the last decade, since its founder first started Hong Kong Business Intermediary in 2002, Bridgeway Group has built a broad network of strategic partners, collaborators and business operators to source unique investment opportunities and to provide value-add enhancements on its investments.


  1. Unlike traditional private real estate funds or private equity funds which are relatively illiquid, with a lock-up period of three to five years or longer terms and with severe penalty payments for failure to meet capital commitments or early exit, Bridgeway provides liquidity through its secondary trading platform.
With the above value prepositions, Bridgeway commits its own capital in the funds to align its interests with those of the clients.