Invest in Shop Fund

Bridgeway Prime Shop Fund

First ever in Hong Kong

Bridgeway Prime Shop Fund Management Limited (“Bridgeway”) is the first financial institution in Hong Kong licensed by the SFC to provide a new way of investment in shop property schemes.

What is Bridgeway Prime Shop Fund?

Investment in high-quality shops is capital intensive. Bridgeway enables more investors to participate in shop investments and to diversify their investments through share subscription.

Our shop investment products are for professional investors as defined under the Securities and Futures Ordinance:

Individual professional investors

HKD 8 million

or more in current assets

Corporate professional investors

HKD 8 million

or more in current assets


HKD 40 million

or more in total assets

Invest in shop properties to create win win situation

Bridgeway assesses the growth potential of prime shops in the market and co-invests together with investors.

After purchasing the shops, Bridgeway will handle all the tedious matters, making property investment hassle-free for our investors.

Bridgeway makes investment in shops simple and hassle-free.

Enquiry: 2830 1111


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